The grey house on the corner was not what it seemed.

Hello my name is Alex and I am just about to move houses. We are moving into Scotch Street.


Today is the big day because we are driving to our new house. We get to the street, and on the corner there is a ginormous, ghastly, grey house. Luckily we live 5 doors south of the grey house.


The next day I wake up, get ready and go to meet our neighbours. The first person is a crazy cat lady. The second is a friendly old lady who gives me some cookies. Next I met a girl my age and I find out that she goes to my new school. After that comes the grey house on the corner.


As I approach the house I wonder is this the haunted house everyone talked about? I take a deep breath and knock on the door. A shadow opens the door and says ‘ I’ve been waiting for you, come in.’. I think about it, and start running but before I know it the shadow pulls me into the darkness and BANG it slams the door behind me!


6 thoughts on “The grey house on the corner was not what it seemed.

  1. Wow! What interesting writing Allegra. I really love how you leave your story with a cliff hanger. I would love to know what other people think?

  2. Hi Allegra, I really like the way you leave people wondering what will happen next. I also like how you describe all the people that you meet in the story. Did anyone else use a cliff hanger in their story?

  3. Well done Allegra! You have been really clever using language features to enhance y our writing and capture your audience’s attention. I particularly love the alliteration you have used to describe the house as I have a clear image of it in my mind.
    Mrs Bradford

  4. Dear Allegra
    I like how you used a cliff hanger on your story to really catch peoples interests. Did any one else use a cliffhanger to end their story?
    From tylergjhs15

  5. After being pulled into the house, I was shaking in my boots – even though I was wearing thongs on my feet. What was going to happen to me?

    Looking through the dust motes flying around the room, I could see an old lady sitting on a faded couch. She beckoned me to sit beside her. Who was she? How did she know me?

    • Dear Mrs W
      Thank you for taking time to read my blog and comment on one of my post. I haven’t really thought about the ending but it could be a great addition to my blog.
      Thank you for your ideas.

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